Here you can find quick answers to the frequently asked questions about ASK PETE.


I am not able to successfully install ASK PETE. What are the possible reasons for this?

If the installation of ASK PETE does not work, this may be a result of your authorisations within your company network (e. g. you may not have the authorisation to install the software). Please contact your IT department.

If the installation has been completed, but queries are not possible, it may be that access to the necessary ASK PETE IP address is not possible (lack of access authorisation within your company network). Please contact your IT department to enable the IP to be approved.


Why should I activate ASK PETE?

Without activation, the frequency of queries and the number of positions that may be queried via Excel will be limited. After registration, the number is not restricted.

How do I get the activation code?

Click on the ASK PETE icon in the task bar, then select “Customer Contact”, now fill in the required information and press the “Request activation code” button. You will then receive an email with the activation code which can be entered in the “Customer Contact” section and activated using the “Activate” button. The activation code only applies to the computer you used to request the activation code and on which you have installed ASK PETE.

How can I activate ASK PETE without an email program?

Your computer has no email client, but you would still like to activate ASK PETE: You should still request the activation code from the computer on which you have installed ASK PETE. Enter the email address that you are able to use to call up the data. Once you have received the activation code, enter this code in the “Customer Contact” section (click the ASK PETE icon in the task bar and then select “Customer Contact”).

Can I use the activation code for multiple computers?

No, the activation code can only be used on the computer used to request the code.

Why does the PE customer number not work to activate?

PE customer numbers have five digits, please check to see whether your entry had five digits, or whether, for example, there was a zero missing on the end.

I already have a PE password for the eShop. Can I also use this for ASK PETE?

No. ASK PETE is a separate application that is approved once, for unlimited use, via an activation code.


My function keys are all already occupied, for this reason the specification of the F10 key to start the search query does not work. What other options do I have?

Change the hotkey using the “Set up Hotkeys” menu. As of version, in addition to a simple shortcut, the keys ALT and/or SHIFT can also be used.

Can I use the stack processing tool in programs that are not Microsoft Office ones?

The stack processing only works in Microsoft Excel. Libre Office and Open Office are not supported.

Can I also enter a product name to search?

No, ASK PETE transcodes part numbers (OE numbers or part numbers from the part manufacturer) and shows the result as a PE number.

How does the article search function work?

Highlight the item you are looking for, press the F10 key and get the required item information.

Or use the ASK PETE function for optical character recognition (OCR). If you have, for example, an image file you wish to use to transcode part numbers from, click the F10 key and use the + to draw a square over the item, then start the search by releasing the + using the mouse. You will then get the required item information.

How does the Excel stack processing function work?

Highlight multiple associated cells in a column containing the information you are looking for, click “Ctrl+F10”, the results will appear in the column to the right of the highlighted information. Up to 500 lines may be highlighted in the Excel file.

It may only be one number per cell. But one or more cells in a column may be highlighted.


Why have I not got a result using the Excel stack processing function?

If there is no PE item number available for the information, the field to the right of the information you are looking for will remain empty.

If the cells within a column are joined together, it is not possible to use Ctrl+F10 to carry out the search. First eliminate this function, and then try the search again.